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Setup with ease with NEW Joinerysoft Wizard

Posted on: 11 Feb 2016

One common misconception about software is the amount of time that joiners believe they need to invest into setting it up for their business. At Joinerysoft we have made the installation process for our Joinery Management Software (JMS) much quicker by launching a new setup wizard for JMS v2.


Based in the cloud, this online wizard will allow joiners to set up their parameters step by step with easy to follow questions and images. 


Access it on your Terms!

The online wizard is compatible with iPad’s and other portable devices, enabling joiners to setup the software at home, in the garden or anywhere they have internet access at a time convenient to them.


Only Relevant Information Displayed!

Over 300 drawings that are contained in the wizard can be quickly reduced to display only the relevant images that cater for your custom or bespoke joinery needs. So there is no need to wade through pages of questions, but instead joiners can quickly and easily setup the style of joinery specific to them.


See for yourself how easy it really is!            

Joinerysoft’s resident trainer and joiner, John Berry, has put together 3 bite sized videos to explain how to use the JMS-Setup Wizard. You can watch these videos from the link below.



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