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COVID-19 and Our Joinerysoft Customers 


At Joinerysoft we know how important it is that you carry on working through this ever changing pandemic - with the latest Government orders forcing a lot of us to stay home. 


Here at Joinerysoft we are completely set up so that all of our employees can work from home. Our telephones here are re-routed, so the level of service you get from us should carry on as usual no matter what happens.

We provide support remotely as standard already, but we can also provide things like training remotely in blocks of 2 hours over the internet. Maybe, whilst we have a period of time at home away from the office, this might be the ideal opportunity to get a little bit of training in to make Joinerysoft work the best that it can for you, and keep you going in these hard times.

If you or your colleagues are able to work at home then ensure you have contacted us to make sure that your version of JMS is set up for remote working. If it isn’t - It is very easy to set up JMS so that you can work on it remotely, using any computer in any location, either by taking computers home or using remote access programs. 


The management information now produced in our JMS Cloud system is more useful than ever, if you haven’t seen it check it out under the Cloud button in the top menu bar of JMS. 


If you are thinking of working from home and would like to get access to JMS remotely - please get in touch today to find out how we can help you to do that and for the country to stay safe.




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