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Estimate&Quotations Estimates and Quotations

There are over 30 different templates to choose from within JMS, allowing you to choose one that suits your needs the best. Customise your estimates and quotations to include your own terms and conditions, provide an area for customer approval, even add your own logos and other changes.


  • Design bespoke (known to some as custom, heritage or fenestration) items quickly and easily
  • Provide accurate pricing and know your costs instantly
  • Include true scale diagrams and itemised prices
  • Detailed quotes avoid disputes later
  • Provide accurate U Values to ensure compliance and remove the need for testing.
  • Size, timber, glass and fittings clearly displayed
  • Reduce admin and improve quoting speed
  • EASY TO USE, allowing additional staff to quote
  • All reports produced directly from design - no rekeying of information
  • Revise quotes easily to change details
  • Email directly to your customer

 Available modules

Example 1 - Pictures with items

Etimate with dimensions on drawings page1

Estimate with dimensions on drawings page2

 There are over 30 different templates to choose from. The following estimate is identical but displayed in a different format - notice the pictures now appear at the end.

Example 2 - Pictures at end

Quote with pictures at end page 1 and 2

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Joinerysoft on Cloud Nine with Launch of JMS Cloud Management Information

Joinerysoft is proud therefore to introduce JMS Cloud. At Joinerysoft, the company has designed a private and secure storage area for all your management information that you can access remotely via the internet on many devices. This removes limits of where and when you can access your data, allowing you to be more flexible, utilise resources better and provide a better service to your customers. The key feature of JMS Cloud is that it links seamlessly with Joinerysoft’s desktop software JMSv2 and JMS3D so you only need to input data once (even historical data can be imported).

On the cutting edge: JMS now controls five-axis pod & rail CNC

Over the last 10 years Joinerysoft has had a track record of linking to the SCM range of windowlines, 1, 20, 40; the Soukup Crafter, and the SAOMAD Titanium as well as running a variety of cross cut machines.

Software proves essential for small Dorset joinery business

IF YOU’VE EVER struggled to justify the cost of software for your joinery business, then read about James Selby who runs a small joinery business in Blandford Forum, Dorset. After two years using Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS), James says, “To be honest, I don’t think I’d want to run a joinery business without JMS now!”

JMS Saves 75% of time when quoting at MB Joinery

Martin Birt, of MB Joinery, believes that JMS has had a good influence on the finances of the business, with profit margins increasing. He says, "JMS has given me a competitive edge in presentation and speed of response. It makes my life easier and time savings mean that I can spend more time in the workshop, which I prefer!"

A million reasons to buy Joinerysoft

Streamlining the quoting process has enabled Jonny to recently quote and win a £1,000,000 order which he confesses would have been a nightmare without JMS.

"Diagrams on the estimates and detailed specifications give the customer confidence."
Mark Jukes of Mark Jukes Woodworking Ltd

"With JMS we normally turn our quotes around by the next day which helps us because our competitors are lucky if they get theirs out by the following week."
Woodmaster Joinery


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