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Below are a number of common questions.
If you can't find what you are looking for however please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Sliding Sash



General Questions

Q1 - Does Joinerysoft provide installation or training on the JMS software?


The standard JMS comes with two days installation and training at your premises (UK only, see below for overseas customers). This is usually sufficient to get you started. Most customers find JMS easy to use and are able to use JMS support as a reminder of anything they’ve forgotten on their training days or forgot to ask. If you would like more training or have new staff you want to train on JMS we can always arrange for additional training.


JMS Pro customers receive bespoke training which is tailored to your requirements. As well as training we help our JMS Pro customers with configuration to help you get off to a good start. Due to the increased detail that JMS Pro provides, over and above the standard JMS software we suggest that Pro customers budget between 5-10 days training which is purchased separately. You can spread the timing of your training to suit you and provide an opportunity to go into greater detail at a later stage once you’ve been using JMS Pro for a while.


International customers receive their training over the internet and can schedule blocks of hours at a time convenient with them. (There is a minimum of two hours training per session.) All overseas customers receive the equivalent number of hours training as UK customers.

Q2 - Does JMS software come with any technical support?


On the initial purchase of JMS a 12 month maintenance and support contract is included. We recommend that our customers renew their contract on a 12 month basis so that they can have access to our support team. The contract also includes access to curved items, U-value calculator, Factory Production Control (FPC) System, CE marking and JMS-Setup Wizard.


You will have access to two types of our support, one of which is for joinery queries and the other for computer queries. Joinery questions will be answered by our time served joiners through our telephone support system. In most cases the support team will log onto your computer using LogMeIn and demonstrate the changes.


You will also have access to our online customer area available from our website, where online video tutorials are available to watch 24/7. To log into the customer only area of our website you will require a valid maintenance and support contract.

Q3 - What happens about software updates?


Software updates are included in your 12 month maintenance and support contract which you initially receive upon purchase of JMS. You will need to renew your maintenance and support contract on a 12 month basis to continue to receive any software upgrades.


The program is continually being enhanced and improved from the feedback received from our customers. Many new features have come about as a direct result of customer requests. If you have any suggestions of ways we could enhance the software further we are happy to consider your ideas. Please email support@joinerysoft.

Q4 - Is a technical manual provided?


A technical manual has been included with the JMS-Standard. This can be accessed by going to “Help” and then “Help Topics”. The manual is a "step by step guide" to all aspects of integrating the software into your joinery business. It has been designed to be easy to use by joiners and not experts in computing. Within JMS-Pro help information is embedded into the sofware, so that everywhere you see an 'i' button you can click on this to view context sensitive help.

Q5 - What level of computer knowledge do I require?


One of the key benefits of JMS-Standard is that you do not require many computer skills. Our software has been designed specifically with joiners in mind. Joinery knowledge is required in order to use JMS-Standard alongside a basic understanding of computers. Some of our customers had never used a computer until they purchased JMS.


Typically JMS-Pro is required for larger joinery companies that own many computers and have their own IT specialists. Therefore we believe to use JMS-Pro, more than a basic understanding of computers is required.

Q6 - What computer is required to run the software?


We offer a single user version of our software or a network version for multi-user access.


To learn more about our specific hardware requirements to run the standard JMS, please click here.


To learn more about our specific hardware requirements to run JMS-Pro, please click here.


Please Note: We would highly recommend that you have a broadband Internet connection as this will help with any support issues and further software updates.

Q7 - Will JMS cope with bespoke joinery items?


JMS and JMS Pro have both been developed for joinery companies that produce bespoke and custom joinery. There are many items that can be changed easily such as timber sections, timber types, and ironmongery. All of the changes are automatically updated with the estimate/quotation as well as the production worksheets (cutting lists, glass sizes etc.) at the click of a button.

Q8 - Will JMS run on a MAC?


Several of our customers are already using JMS-Standard on a MAC. To run JMS you will be required to purchase Parallels software. Currently none of our JMS-Pro customers are running the software on a MAC.


Please contact us for more information.

Windows Questions

QW1 - Can you do false glazing bars / Plant-on Bars?


A simple yes or no question allows the joiner to toggle between traditional Georgian bars and false / plant-on bars. Once false / plant-on bars are requested the program instantly recalculates the glass sizes and even updates the glass summary with diagrams showing the positions of the glazing bars in each sash.


See glass summary for an example *click me*.

The joiner is also able to choose the total linear bead length or the individual cut length of each bead on the cutting list.

QW2 - Can you change the openings of the sashes, i.e. left hung right hung or top hung?


A simple right click of the mouse button will change the sash. This updates the estimate/quotation and any of the cutting lists and work sheets.

QW3 - Can I do a softwood frame with a hardwood sill?


Any timber component can be changed locally (on one window) or globally (on the complete job).

QW4 - Can we use different window furniture? (Ironmongery)


Any window furniture (ironmongery) can be selected.

QW5 - Can we do Georgian bars?


Any window can have Georgian bars or false / plant-on bars.

QW6 - Can we change the cill angle?


Within JMS there is a simple way of changing the cill angle which is done by typing in the angle that you require.

QW7 - Can it work out glass sizes?


All calculations are created instantly – as you design your window. The glass sizes are available instantly on both the glass summary or at the end of the detailed cutting list.

QW8 - What about the glass clearance gap?


The joiner is able to control the exact glass clearance gap for the whole job or differently for each window. This is extremely important, as many Joinerysoft customers now order glass before the window is made.

Sash Window Questions


QS1 - Does the program allow for both traditional and modern sliding sash?


A set of simple yes or no questions allows the joiner to custom the sliding sash to either traditional or spiral sprung.

QS2 - Does it work out the weights required?


The amount of traditional lead or modern steel weights is calculated instantly together with the length of sash cord required.

QS3 - Can you do false glazing bars?


A simple yes or no question allows the joiner to toggle between traditional Georgian bars and false / plant-on bars. Once false / plant-on bars are requested the program instantly recalculates the glass sizes and even updates the glass summary with diagrams showing the positions of the glazing bars in each sash. The joiner is also able to choose the total linear bead length or the individual cut length of each bead on the cutting list.

QS4 - Can you do decorative horns?


With JMS you will be able to add decorative horns.

QS5 - Can you do margin bars?


Traditional or false / plant-on bars are available.

QS6 - Does it allow for the reveal in the brickwork?


A simple yes or no question allows the joiner to instantly change the overall size to allow the window to be set into the reveal of the brickwork. This can be adjusted either for each window or globally for the whole job.

Door Questions


QD1 - Can it work out the door size automatically if I know the construction opening?


A simple yes or no question allows the joiner to instantly change the size based on the frame or the door. If the frame size is known the door size will be automatically calculated and vice-versa.

QD2 - Can you choose different infill panels?


A simple right click of the mouse button allows the joiner to choose the specific material required.

QD3 - Can you use door blanks?


Door blanks can be used within JMS.

QD4 - What type of doors can you make with it?

The JMS user is able to build their own library of template doors. The system has a number of default library doors. The types of doors that can be incorporated into the library include;

  • External and Internal
  • Fire doors
  • Ledge and brace
  • Stable doors
  • Double doors
  • Panel Doors
  • French Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • And Many more...

QD5 - Can you do the door on its own?


JMS is flexible enough to allow you to create any type of door that you require, whether it is a single door or incorporates more.

QD6 - Can you do the lining on its own?


Within JMS we have allowed you to be able to create a door lining without needing to create anything else.

QD7 - Can you do doors and frames together?


We have made JMS able to do bespoke joinery which allows you to create doors and frames together.

QD8 - Can you do door linings and door sets?


JMS has been designed to be flexible to your joinery needs so that you are able to create door linings and door sets.

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Joinerysoft on Cloud Nine with Launch of JMS Cloud Management Information

Joinerysoft is proud therefore to introduce JMS Cloud. At Joinerysoft, the company has designed a private and secure storage area for all your management information that you can access remotely via the internet on many devices. This removes limits of where and when you can access your data, allowing you to be more flexible, utilise resources better and provide a better service to your customers. The key feature of JMS Cloud is that it links seamlessly with Joinerysoft’s desktop software JMSv2 and JMS3D so you only need to input data once (even historical data can be imported).

On the cutting edge: JMS now controls five-axis pod & rail CNC

Over the last 10 years Joinerysoft has had a track record of linking to the SCM range of windowlines, 1, 20, 40; the Soukup Crafter, and the SAOMAD Titanium as well as running a variety of cross cut machines.

Software proves essential for small Dorset joinery business

IF YOU’VE EVER struggled to justify the cost of software for your joinery business, then read about James Selby who runs a small joinery business in Blandford Forum, Dorset. After two years using Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS), James says, “To be honest, I don’t think I’d want to run a joinery business without JMS now!”

"With Joinerysoft I don't hesitate to ring. Everyone is so friendly; it doesn't ever seem to be a bother. I like the fact that they always get back to me when they say they will."
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