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What is JMS?

JMS stands for Joinery Management Software.


Designed for bespoke joinery it allows you to speed up your quoting process and production, improving efficiency and increasing accuracy. JMS is suitable for all sizes of joinery or fenestration manufacturer from 1 joiner to 20+ joiners. We provide a single user version and also a network for multi-users.

Design to Invoice

 JMS follows the entire production process from initial design through to delivery, saving you time and money. Whether you're looking for an accurate quoting system or need to improve efficiency in the workshop to stop bottle necks, JMS provides a total solution.


JMS (Joinery Management Software) is the new joinery machine for your office. It reduces your office and workshop administration time while making you more professional. Allowing you to get on with what you do best - joinery!


You can select one or more modules to suit your needs or purchase them all:

Optional Modules



Design bespoke joinery items quickly and easily. Template driven for speed, simply choose a style, enter sizes and see your item appear instantly. Easy to use, design bespoke joinery quickly and accurately.

  • Double click on any component to change section size, timber, rebate sizes, etc.
  • Quick menus help provide access to common tasks
  • Design in front of the customer (hide costs if required)
  • Change timber and glass with the click of a mouse
  • All printouts (quotes, cutting lists, supplier reports, etc) available as soon as the item is displayed
  • All modules link seamlessly together.
  • Written by joiners for joiners so no computer jargon.

JMS Setup Wizard

The JMS Setup Wizard was introduced at the end of 2015 to make it even easier to start using JMS. You can set up your joinery in a matter of minutes using the Wizard with point and click images that direct you through questions relevant to the joinery style you manufacture. You can select mouldings, section sizes, types of glass, head and jamb choices, mullions etc.. The wizard selects questions that are specific to the choices you've made and so avoids questions that are irrelevant. Adding new joinery styles to the JMS software is easy and accurate with cross sectional diagrams confirming you've got it right. As an added bonus cross sections from the wizard can be printed out for the workshop or to show customers if needed.

Wizard head drip choice.jpg Head dimensions cross section.jpg cross section.jpg

Point and tick to select

Enter dimensions into cross sections

Print cross sections for your workshop

JMS Setup Wizard More button.jpg

3D images and cross sections in JMS

Currently only in the JMS Pro version, 3D images and cross sections will be introduced into JMS as soon as possible. For all those with a valid maintenance and support contract this should be a free upgrade. While you are waiting for this enhancement don’t forget to check out all the other great features we added in 2015 including the JMS Setup Wizard.

JMS Hardware Requirements

Please check out our hardware requirements for JMS to ensure that your current computers are compatible before purchasing JMS. 

If you require any further help do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1608 643302 or email For JMS Pro Hardware Requirements please see the JMS Pro product page.

JMS Hardware Requirements button.jpg


Our qualified installers are joiners so they speak your language.

We provide 2 days installation and training at your premises in the UK. For overseas customers we are able to remotely install and train using LogMeIn.

We help you to set up accurate costs and timings and can use your real jobs as examples.

Our trainers give you the confidence to go it alone - though our customer support team are only ever a phone call away.


When you purchase the standard JMS we provide you with 12 months maintenance and support included.

Maintenance and support includes:

  • Telephone & Email Support
  • Access to our dedicated support team of joiners
  • Additional computer and network support specialists
  • Remote access to fix problems or demonstrate how to do tasks
  • Latest enhancements, bug fixes and new releases
  • JMS Setup Wizard
  • Customer Area including video tutorials
  • U-value Calculator and certificates
  • CE Marking including Factory Production Control
  • Non rectangular items including curves (currently in v3)
  • Machine Links (additional charges apply)

Whether you have a problem you don't know how to resolve, or simply cannot remember how to complete a task, our friendly support team are always available to help. As well as more traditional methods of contacting us including email or telephone, we are also able to use Screen Connect software to remotely access your computer and demonstrate the solution.

A comprehensive library of video tutorials is also available exclusively for customers subscribing to our support and maintenance package. This enables you to look up and remind yourself of how to do tasks, with clear, step by step videos for you to watch at a time convenient to you. Navigate to our Customer Area on our website for more details and to log in.


To continue to receive these benefits you will need to purchase an annual support and maintenance contract.

How to get support

Joinerysoft provide a range of ways to access support, designed to make your life easier.

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Interactive Help with JMS - Simply press F1


Our support team are based throughout the country. When you ring we will take your number and one of our friendly joiners will call you back shortly.


Telephone: +44 (0)1608 643302


If you need more support than we can provide over the telephone we can log in to your computer, using Screen Connect software, which allows us to correct a problem or demonstrate how to do a specific task. Whatever your problem we are on hand to help.


Interactive help is also embedded within our software. Within JMS simply press F1 to view context sensitive help about your current task.


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Joinerysoft on Cloud Nine with Launch of JMS Cloud Management Information

Joinerysoft is proud therefore to introduce JMS Cloud. At Joinerysoft, the company has designed a private and secure storage area for all your management information that you can access remotely via the internet on many devices. This removes limits of where and when you can access your data, allowing you to be more flexible, utilise resources better and provide a better service to your customers. The key feature of JMS Cloud is that it links seamlessly with Joinerysoft’s desktop software JMSv2 and JMS3D so you only need to input data once (even historical data can be imported).

On the cutting edge: JMS now controls five-axis pod & rail CNC

Over the last 10 years Joinerysoft has had a track record of linking to the SCM range of windowlines, 1, 20, 40; the Soukup Crafter, and the SAOMAD Titanium as well as running a variety of cross cut machines.

Software proves essential for small Dorset joinery business

IF YOU’VE EVER struggled to justify the cost of software for your joinery business, then read about James Selby who runs a small joinery business in Blandford Forum, Dorset. After two years using Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS), James says, “To be honest, I don’t think I’d want to run a joinery business without JMS now!”

Can software help your joinery business?

Have you ever thought that software was the way forward but couldn’t justify the expense? It’s a common dilemma for many joinery manufacturers. Whatever the size of your business, here are some considerations that may help you decide whether software could help you.

"I believe JMS is the best software on the market and works well because it is designed for joiners. I certainly would not change. JMS has helped us transform from a small business into a larger, more organised and profitable business."
Ian Selby, Timbawood


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