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JMS-Sliding Sash JMS-Double Hung

with New Zealand examples:

In More Detail ... 

Whether you are using traditional weights or modern spiral sprung, you can design and produce custom or heritage double hung windows quickly and easily. Choose from hundreds of styles, including any shape, such as non rectangular items. Then simply add the dimensions to see the window created instantly.

To make custom changes, such as one-offs or heritage items, simply point and click at components to alter materials, change section size, or change georgian bars to plant on bars. Quick menus also provide access to rebates, fittings, and frame items, in fact everything you need to create individual windows. This allows for replacement windows, conservation areas, new standards and batching of many windows.

Designed to be easy to use, you don't need to know about computer's to use JMS, simply joinery.

The examples below show just how versatile and easy JMS is to use:

Example 1 - Ease of Use

Sliding Sash Ease of Use

Example 2 – Templates

Choose from hundreds of styles and customise further. You can even design your own window and save for future use.

Sliding Sash Templates

Example 3 - Sash Options

Sash options

Example 4 - Adjust meeting rails

 Sliding Sash Meeting Rail Example

Example 5 - Margin Bars

Change margin bars easily. Specify spacing quickly and easily.

Sliding Sash example 3

Example 6 - Decorative Horns & Glazing Bars

Decorative Horns & Glazing Bars

 JMS-Double Hung covers the complete job from design to delivery. Every area of the job lifecycle is included.

Example 7 - Job Lifecycle with JMS

Job Lifecycle - Log image

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