Sliding Sash
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JMS-Sliding Sash

Use our joinery software to design and create custom or bespoke sliding sash and double hung windows. Suitable for traditional or lead weight, spring balance, mock sliding sash and arches.

Example of sliding sash that can be achieved in JMS

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of window combinations
  • Traditional with lead weights
  • Modern with spring balances
  • JMS calculates the glass needed
  • JMS calculates weights or springs needed
  • Non rectangular items, such as arches, circles, triangles, curved lattice bars and more*
  • Any section size of any component can be changed to allow for one off bespoke (known to some as custom, heritage or fenestration) sliding sash windows
  • Automatic U-Value Calculator included with JMS Support*

*Requires a valid support and maintenance contract and V3 additional software

JMS Outputs the following:

Estimate & Quotation

Order Confirmation

Supplier Orders

Cutting Lists

Delivery Note


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