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On the cutting edge: JMS now controls five-axis pod & rail CNC

Posted in Panel Wood & Solid Surface in Nov 2019

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Joinerysoft has built a reputation for continual development and over the last 15 years its software has grown from simple quoting and production software, into a total production and management tool that thinks in 3D while losing none of its costing or production capabilities. This 3D technical capability has revolutionised the company’s ability to control windowlines and pod & rail CNC’s. Over the last 10 years Joinerysoft has had a track record of linking to the SCM range of windowlines, 1, 20, 40; the Soukup Crafter, and the SAOMAD Titanium as well as running a variety of cross cut machines.

James Tanner Joinery is a small five man joinery business in Cumbria. To grow his business James Tanner has recently invested in a 5 axis machine from SCM and commissioned Joinerysoft to create the link after dismissing other software links on the market. James says, “I’ve used JMS for a number of years and like their quoting and production software; other software can’t offer the continuity and support across my business that Joinerysoft can. Joinerysoft has fallen over backwards to meet my requirements and worked closely with me to create its first 5 axis link. I’ve been impressed with their professionalism and commitment to getting the link working as quickly as possible.  It’s early days in configuration but they have worked tirelessly to ensure minimal disruption to my business and have certainly given me confidence in their ability.”

Joinerysoft’s latest development expands its machine links to include its first pod & rail CNC. In tackling the challenge of this CNC link, Joinerysoft hasn’t started at the 3-axis entry level machines, but jumped straight into a 5-axis SCM Accord 25fx. Linking its JMS-Pro software to the SCM Accord 25fx has seen Joinerysoft  working closely with Oertli to include all tooling within its software, enabling the JMS Software to mimic exactly the production process and control positioning of tools. The JMS link also controls sequencing of processes, clamps and feed speed.

Joinerysoft’s newest release - JMS-Pro 3D is not simply a CAD program tagged onto it’s already comprehensive offering. With a purpose built joinery program at its heart there is nothing generic about its CAD drawing. Drilling down to the component level, its 3D design is more than just a series of connected lines and means that every production process can be shown in detail with cross sections and cutouts. This component level detail enables accurate costing, not possible in other CAD packages

Another advantage of JMS-Pro is how quick and easy it is to design joinery items from scratch. Templates speed up drawing while still providing the ability to make every item bespoke. 

Working in 3D also provides accurate data that can be used to control complex machines that think and work in 3D. The vast amounts of data required to run pod & rail CNC machines is neatly organised in JMS-Pro and makes linking to almost any machine a possibility now. The aim behind Joinerysoft’s development is to provide a total package for every joinery manufacturer whatever size they are. Joinerysoft’s Managing Director, Alan Turner, says, “I don’t want joinery manufacturers to be constrained by their software and only have limited connectivity to a select number of machines. Our aim is to ensure that our software can link to any machine in the future and enable manufacturers to grow their business at the right time for them with ease.”

With a proven track record of successful machine links, Joinerysoft says it’s open to requests for special links, outside of the norm. JMS-Pro provides all the detailed information required to run even the most complex machines. Couple this with a team of developers available to support its customers and Joinerysoft looks like a strong contender. You’re also likely to find that Joinerysoft is the most cost effective solution on the market.

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